Collection: PATRIOT SHOE

The Patriot shoe is the second edition of the Glory shoe, but it is nothing like the first shoe. This shoe feels like a Skechers kind of shoe and is extremely comfortable. We do not have WIDE sizes yet, but these are a medium width shoe. The Mens and Women's sizes should be a true fit not like the Glory shoes. 

Please use the proper code when you check out to help out some military charities. You will receive $5 off and the charity will receive $15 per pair of Patriot shoes. Example:

Folds of Honor - FOH

Congressional Medal of Honor Society - CMOHS

Woody Williams Foundation - WWF

Wreaths across America - WAA

Purple Heart Homes - PHH

Special Liberty Project - SLP

Warrior Bonfire Program - WBP

Special Operations Wounded Warriors - SOWW

Warrior Rising - WR

The Fire Watch - TFW

John P. Connor Memorial Fund - JCMF

Tech 4 Troops - T4T

There is still a 30 day money back guarantee as long as there is NO WEAR on the shoes. You can exchange the shoes up to 30 days unless you let us know that you are traveling or have an issue. Free shipping is only to the customer, and returns for refunds are at the customers cost. 

Please email with any questions