R.D.C. Shoe Company is a family owned, service-connected disabled Veteran owned company that was formed after the tragic attacks of September 11th, 2001. I was stringing tennis racquets at the US Open in 2001 and then the world changed. My wife Rogina took a sharpie marker and fabric paint and designed the shoes that you see today. We were approached by many shoe companies for our design, but would not sell it. Instead, we tabled the idea until we found the right organizations to help. In 2018, I met Woody Williams and that would change our lives forever. We decided that we wanted to help out his foundation and we had the means to do it. In 2021, I was fortunate enough to go to the Medal of Honor Convention in Boston and would meet many other Medal of Honor Recipients. One night I was at the table of a daughter of a recipient that had passed and was being memorialized the next day. She stated that her Dad's story will be forgotten after tomorrow and I said that I would think of something to remember him. That is when I came up with the idea of doing the MOH cards and putting a card in each box to tell their stories forever. Since 2021, R.D.C. has signed Co-Venture agreements with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Woody Williams Foundation. What this means is that we give back $10 to each organization for every purchase of the Glory shoe. Every purchase comes with a pair of Glory designed shoes, a commemorative shoe box and a Medal of Honor recipients card. 

Other shoe companies are known for Honoring great athletes and great athletics, 

R.D.C. Shoes is known for "Honoring our Nations Greatest Heroes". 

We will always have a great comfortable shoe that you will Love, but our sole purpose is to"HONOR their VALOR".